Some things to consider and that will help us write the intro script is the podcast RSS tagging format. It's very much like HTML, but it's RSS and podcast directories scrape this info out of the feed to populate the podcast listing in all the podcast directories. So this can serve two purposes, and in fact should for a consistent branding and message so...let’s fill in tag info and see if we can’t get our intro script to write itself.

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Your podcast’s metadata includes all of the information describing your podcast for the potential listeners, as well as for the iTunes search and browse infrastructure. The podcast’s category and subcategory determine where the podcast will appear in the browse tree. The title, author, description, and (up to 12) keywords are indexed by the iTunes search engine and used to determine relevance when compared with terms entered by the user in the Search iTunes Store box. A high percentage of users look for podcasts via search. If you don’t have good, robust metadata, your podcast will not turn up in many searches. And when users do find your podcast, they may not have enough information to decide whether to subscribe. Plus, a podcast must have robust metadata to be eligible for featuring on the Podcast main page or the Store main page which be an amazing achievement and get you tons of listeners.
Most podcast directory services allow users to search on a maximum of 12 text keywords. What are the main keywords/phrases/tags you and your target audience are going to identify with and use to find or discover your podcast? Here are a few examples I thought of off the top of my head: passion, mentor, business coach, life coach, startup advisor, business productivity, entrepreneur, personal development, professional development, author, speaker, business skills,