The Basics
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The Good Stuff
A catchy bio is the best way for people to learn about AND remember you. On the Internet, this is often your 1st impression.

So, coming up with a nice, unique bio is important so people will remember you. Stuck? If you’re hung up write a little bit about the things you love doing most outside of work, or something you’re passionate about. For example:

Hi, I'm completely obsessed with the web, tech, social media, podcasting, design and business. I love playing video games, eating sushi, flying helicopters & airplanes all things Apple.
You have a several options when it comes to picking and finding a name for your web address (often referred to as the URL or domain name) of your new premium custom nameplate site.

A lot of people try get their first and last name .com but...this subject to availability. Take me for example, my first and last name are pretty common so MOST variants of my name have been taken and simply not available because their happen to be a lot Jason Johnson’s in the world; along with many other popular first and last names. So you might have to get a little creative with the domain name you devise.

Nervous? Can’t totally commit? Don’t worry. If you decide another domain fits you better later (or you want a few) I have the ability to use multiple domains (up to 5) with your nameplate site. For example I could have the following few domain names all pointing to the same place:
  • JasonJohnson.TV
Now that you have a more complete 360 degree view of who you are lets add the social media services you use. This makes it easier for people to learn about and connect with you online where they (and you should too) prefer to connect. This also helps you when it comes to being found for new opportunities. Which services do you currently use or if you'd like tell us which services you'd like to learn more about or might like to join and participate in.
Next Steps
A great picture will set you apart from the rest and can tie your online presence together and it's time to get some.

Which dates and times would work for our photographer to drop by and snap some professional photographs? We'll have about 45mins total and you can select the main settings. Indoors, outdoors, at your office, your home, the park, with your dog, or at your office with your dog while wearing rollerblades.

I thought you said "professional" photographs. We did and by that we mean professionally shot, edited and produced but that doesn't mean devoid of personality. Like your Bio, your photographs should tell the story that is you so don't be afraid to get creative; the purpose is to connect and there's not better way to do that, than letting people see who you are!