Hi I'm Jason, I help people connect in unique, meaningful ways.




Half the fun of any medium is sharing and talking about things with others. Whether the conversation is one you started or one you get to pitch in on, with social media, your blog, whatever, it's all about the conversation. Just like real life, the more fun, helpful, entertaining or captivating the encounter, the more memorable.   Get ALL your online ducks in a row.



Audio is such a magnetic medium, especially online in the form of podcasts. How would you like to be in tens of millions of pockets and automobile dashboards? With the evolution of audio and online syndication today, you literally can be, with your own podcast. Podcasts are more than just a soapboxes, they can be amazing personal and professional platforms. Start yours and stand out!

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Video is an incredibly effective medium. Whether you're sharing a story, teaching a technique or informing viewers of the latest new, nothing connects as powerfully as video. They say 75% of the sales process is complete before you ever talk to a customer. Why not let people see, hear and get a feel for who you are; maybe even like you. All before they ever really meet you. Make a great first impression with video.